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Many entrepreneurial families have diverse business interests and productive assets spread over one or more emerging markets countries. They tend to set up family offices, in the form of privately owned corporations to manage their wealth and assets in consolidated ways. A fund structure would be an ideal solution for family offices to streamline the management of their assets.

This could be in the following ways:

  • Members in the family could easily dispose or acquire or transfer their economic interests in the funds, keeping the structures of the underlying assets intact
  • The valuation of fund is done by independent administrators and valuers, resulting in less disagreement among members in the family if any transactions arise.
  • The legal framework of fund structure is well defined and regulated. The right and obligations of investors and managers are more transparent.
  • The family offices, acting as asset managers of the funds, have well defined legal framework about how and who are able to control the assets.
  • The interests of the family offices could be aligned with investors (related or unrelated) in the form of performance fees, carried interests like “normal” fund managers.
  • The family offices could have the flexibility to bring in unrelated investors and multiple families in the fund, same as any other collective investment schemes.


Represent the interests of all stakeholders and ensure they are served in the best possible way. Keep the fund in good standing and in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.
Local expertise to help manage complex portfolios and mitigate operational risk by providing comprehensive fund administration services that include among others financial services, compliance, and reporting services.
Executing stringent Know-Your-Client (KYC), MLRO, and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures to ensure clients and their investors are fully compliant to international rules and regulations.
Established fund platforms in reputable fund jurisdictions with appropriate licenses to assist managers in their development stage so that they can launch their funds timely and swiftly.
Your one-stop-shop for comprehensive Fund Services
Amicorp Fund Services is a recognized and licensed fund services provider. Our global presence allows us to provide opportunities to set up the right structure in the right jurisdiction. Our team combines years of business experience with a rigorous analytical approach, clear communication and above all a keen focus on client services.

We are widely perceived to be one of the best Fund Administration Services providers simply because we ensure that each client receives exactly what they need in the most timely and cost-effective manner, with ongoing follow-up, quality end results, and rapid turnaround on all inquiries and requests. We do not merely provide a service – we work together with you as part of the team and are a valuable contributor to the success of your fund.

Note: Amicorp Group and each legal entity, business unit, or business line of Amicorp Group, hereinafter “Amicorp”, provides, inter alia, asset management services, administration services, registrar and transfer agent services, corporate secretarial services, directorship services, financial reporting services, tax reporting and tax compliance services, however, Amicorp does not provide legal, tax, or investment advice or consulting services or other professional advice or consulting services. Clients (existing and prospective) are recommended to obtain legal, tax, or investment advice, as applicable, in each jurisdiction where they will be active. Amicorp regularly refers to and liaises with legal, tax and investment advisors in all jurisdictions where Amicorp provides services and performs activities.

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