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Private Equity Funds have been increasingly popular investment assets for institutional investors and accredited investors, who are able to dedicate substantial amount of money and considerably holding period. The operation complexity of PE funds requires knowledge and support starting from the setup of the fund, identifying investments, structuring the investments, exit strategies, valuation of the underlying assets, administrating the investment structures, regular reporting to investors, meeting the regulatory and reporting requirements of jurisdictions associated with the relevant investment structures.

Private Equity managers would have intention to partner global fund administrators to assist them to ease their burden of “administration tasks” so that they can dedicate their limited resources in area that they are mandated by investors to perform like perusing deal pipelines, due diligence on target companies,  negotiating and closing deals, monitoring portfolio companies, networking, maintaining relationship with their investors or any other works different from their core function, i.e. making “highest possible” returns for investors.

Venture Capital

Venture capital (VC) funds is a sub-set of private equity (PE) funds. The difference between PE and VC is associated with the risk appetite, types of investment and the tools.

VC fund managers are more risk-taking as they normally invest in start-up companies which are operating with unproven business models, niche/immature business environment and loss-making in past and probably in “foreseeable” future. The risk of VC funds is a total loss of their investment and investors’ money.

VC managers are normally putting their money into technology, biotech and other hi-tech sectors instead of mature business. Moreover, VC managers tend to take non-controlling equity interests of start-up companies.

For VC funds, our services would have special focus. Contact us directly for more details.


Represent the interests of all stakeholders and ensure they are served in the best possible way. Keep the fund in good standing and in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.
Local expertise to help manage complex portfolios and mitigate operational risk by providing comprehensive fund administration services that include among others financial services, compliance, and reporting services.
Executing stringent Know-Your-Client (KYC), MLRO, and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures to ensure clients and their investors are fully compliant to international rules and regulations.
Established fund platforms in reputable fund jurisdictions with appropriate licenses to assist managers in their development stage so that they can launch their funds timely and swiftly.
Your one-stop-shop for comprehensive Fund Services
Amicorp Fund Services is a recognized and licensed fund services provider. Our global presence allows us to provide opportunities to set up the right structure in the right jurisdiction. Our team combines years of business experience with a rigorous analytical approach, clear communication and above all a keen focus on client services.

We are widely perceived to be one of the best Fund Administration Services providers simply because we ensure that each client receives exactly what they need in the most timely and cost-effective manner, with ongoing follow-up, quality end results, and rapid turnaround on all inquiries and requests. We do not merely provide a service – we work together with you as part of the team and are a valuable contributor to the success of your fund.

Note: Amicorp Group and each legal entity, business unit, or business line of Amicorp Group, hereinafter “Amicorp”, provides, inter alia, asset management services, administration services, registrar and transfer agent services, corporate secretarial services, directorship services, financial reporting services, tax reporting and tax compliance services, however, Amicorp does not provide legal, tax, or investment advice or consulting services or other professional advice or consulting services. Clients (existing and prospective) are recommended to obtain legal, tax, or investment advice, as applicable, in each jurisdiction where they will be active. Amicorp regularly refers to and liaises with legal, tax and investment advisors in all jurisdictions where Amicorp provides services and performs activities.

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