We work together with you as part of the team and are a valuable contributor to the success of your fund.

We are a global fund services provider delivering comprehensive Fund Administration Services to the traditional and alternative investment fund industries.

The operational models of funds differ greatly. Each has its own characteristics and a different administrative approach. Our Fund Administration Services team is well versed in the establishment of funds and the regulatory and operational requirements. We will tailor our solutions to your fund’s operational requirements—no matter how complex or sophisticated.

We are widely perceived to be one of the best Fund Administration Services providers simply because we ensure that each client receives exactly what they need in the most timely and cost-effective manner, with ongoing follow-up, quality end results, and rapid turnaround on all inquiries and requests. We do not merely provide a service - we work together with you as part of the team and are a valuable contributor to the success of your fund.

Key Services

Net Asset Value Calculation

The operational models of hedge funds, private equity funds, funds of funds, real estate funds and private label funds differ greatly. Certain funds involve the processing of large quantities of information while other funds demand the knowledge of intricate valuation details for just a few investments.

Amicorp Fund Services has both the experience and the systems to meet the specific requirements of each fund type. We use PFS Paxus, one of the most sophisticated software packages available. Unlike most other software, the accounting and investor registry functions are integrated, which minimizes processing time and the chance of error.

Fund Administration Services

Investor Services

As the registrar and transfer agent of a fund we are the main point of contact for investors. Each investor is unique and has individual needs. We respond to these distinct needs and inquiries with personalized care. As part of our regular service we send periodic valuation statements to investors. Our services also include screening prospective investors, corporate actions and case-by-case communication with investors. Investors can view all details of the fund, their holdings and trade details.

Preparation of financial statements

With increasing complexity of accounting standards, the preparation of financial statements has become a task done by professional accountants.

Our professionals in our fund services team include qualified accountants who are well versed with current knowledge in accounting standards to assist the fund managers to prepare financial statements and periodical audit as required by various regulatory bodies.