One of the best fund structuring services providers.

We are innovators in creating fund structures that fulfill your individual needs. Every decision is taken with your long-term objectives in mind.

As a global fund service provider, Amicorp Fund Services delivers comprehensive fund structuring services to the international traditional and alternative investment fund industries.

Our goal is to always create the perfect fund for the specific purpose in question. Whether it is the choice of fund jurisdiction and its legal form, every decision is taken with the greatest care and attention and always with the long-term objectives of the fund in mind.

Fund Structuring Services

Our experience in structuring turnkey fund vehicles and our ability to create specific fund administration solutions for specific challenges make us your preferred partner in structuring your fund. When setting up a new fund we always work in close cooperation with one of the top law firms in the jurisdiction of choice.

We are rated as one of the best fund structuring services providers simply because we ensure that each client receives exactly what they need in the most timely and cost-effective manner, coupled to ongoing follow-up, quality end results, and rapid turnaround on all inquiries and requests.

Key Services

  • Advice and assistance on fund structures
  • Amicorp Fund Services is licensed and/or recognized as a fund administrator in Curaçao, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Barbados, Chile, Luxembourg, Malta, India, Singapore, Mauritius, Hong Kong and Shanghai
  • Obtaining a Stock Exchange listing
  • Our teams have the knowledge, expertise and experience to advise you on the most appropriate fund structure to meet your requirements
  • With a variety of options available an understanding of the structures and relevant taxation, accounting and regulatory matters is paramount